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Sport and Play International is the unification of development, design, production, sales and supply by establishing integral strategic relationships between all partners. We are dedicated to sports and provide solutions for sports on a worldwide level. This is accomplished by combining individual products and/or systems into unique solutions that will fulfill all demands and desires, from community grounds up to professional venues.



Sport and Play International exploits the value chain in a new direction, away from manufacturing and toward the customer. Nowadays, delivering a superior product is not enough anymore. Trust and loyalty has to be created from both sides, between the producer and the customer. The more loyal a customer is, the more it becomes a barrier to competition. Sport and Play International supports both sides to create and safeguard customer loyalty and to establish a strong and long-lasting relationship between all parties.



Complex problems require smart solutions. Sport and Play International is aware of the problematics in the sports industry and environmental challenges at large. We are trying to find – and already have – solutions for problems like water management and other topics which concern us in the present and of course in the future. By thinking outside of the box, we are finding new areas of use for already existing products or develop innovative solutions. We believe that for every problem there is a solution.



Our product range is quite extensive, the reason behind that is, that our goal is to offer total concepts. So, whether you want to build a stadium or a park area, we offer everything you need. To complete the package we also offer services like designing, consultancy, installation and maintenance. In that sense all of our products and services can be seen as carefully selected puzzle pieces, which fit together perfectly, to ensure quality and to meet our customers needs.

Artificial turf and reinforced grass

Nowadays, artificial turf has been become the natural choice for sport applications. Artificial turf surfaces aren’t just an affordable option anymore: they’re seen as the way forward and the ideal solution to the development of the next generation of stars.

Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor sport flooring systems must be durable in the first place to withstand the natural elements in time as well as the movements, activities of the sport itself. The required traction and shock absorption depend on the kind of sport or multiple kind of sports you envisage to play.

Indoor Flooring

Regardless of which flooring system fits the purpose and expectations, the most important property is “elasticity.” That is, the absorption and deflection capacity of the floor type as a system, as this directly affects performance and comfort.

Sport Equipment

Sports equipment is subject to the regulations of the respective governing bodies, such as UEFA, FIFA, FIH, ITF, etc. Goals, nets, equipment for trainings, stands , chips, cones, barriers, mannequins for kicks training, etc. Tell us what you need and we will provide!


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